iceryder (iceryder) wrote,

Icelandic Horse Discussions

The IceHorses email discussion forum on YahooGroups is very active.  If you own or are interested in Icelandic Horses, please feel free to join us here:

Our discussions include everything about the Icelandic Horses including:  saddle fit, bits, nosebands, conformation, breeding, care, feeding, insulin resistance, natural horsemanship, gaited horses, manipulated gaits, manufactured gaits, natural gaits, weight-carrying ability, biomechanics, fly sheets, sweet itch (summer eczema), imported versus domestic horses, icelandic-style riding, good horsemanship, human / equine relationship, whips, treeless saddles, barefoot, boots, concussive practices, Icelandic Horses for sale, rescued Icelandic Horses, etc.


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